Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2002-01-30 21:04:05 (UTC)

A worrying trend. A trend.

I was out walking today when a mate of mine said something,
well, I said it, but it was agreed upon, and, well, I ought
to make a note of it. I'm going through (I hope it is) a
little phase of finding girls with short (generally dark)
hair really, really cute. I never used to, but now, well
the list goes as follows. Its the only evidence I have to
map out this point of me....

1. Kate - you know Kate, formerly of Newsround?
2. Deli Girl - you probably don't know her. Unless you're me
3. Secretary - the new one on Neighbours. Very cute.
4. Audrey - Hepburn.
5. Brody - on Home And Away. (Sorry....)

I dunno it just all seems a bit odd. To suddenly have such
a change of tack, I used to be all pre-raphaelite, or at
least the traditional long, straight, but it seems no more.
I'll write again later, there's things that (might) need to
be said.

WILT? Straight Time - Bruce Springsteen.