a little piece of me
2002-01-30 20:42:09 (UTC)

damn weather

the weather sucks some major ass today. icy and snowy and
slick. that really sucks. i have to drive home tomorrow
for my follow up doc appointment, and i'm scared shitless.
my car (a convertible) is very light, therefore slides
incredibly easy. i have to drive almost 200 miles...not
going to be a fun trip at all. if it's really really bad,
i guess i'll just have to cancel the appointment. i don't
wanna do that though, cause john is supposed to come over
next weekend, and that's when i'd have to have it
rescheduled for. i guess i'll just wait and see what it
looks like tomorrow. ack. i hate this kind of weather.

so hum...got all my models done for class today. the
spider one went over very well. we had to get in groups,
and nearly everyone picked that one (a couple picked the
dragon one). the teacher really liked it, too. i'm
looking forward to doing it. it'll look nice in silver.
also, we had to turn in our samples today. i didn't think
i was going to get done by the end of class. i worked my
ass off, and it actually turned out fairly decent. even
got done and was outa there 10 minutes early :)

went to bed early last night (10:30...how pathetic!), but i
couldn't sleep for shit. this has been going on for some
time now. i've had insomnia before, and i hope this
doesn't get to that point again. if you think i'm crazy
now, wait til i haven't slept for a week! not a pretty
sight. i was awake more than asleep last night...so i
think it's coming back. great. i've also been having some
really fucked up dreams. betcha i'm gonna start sleep
walking again, too. hehe, at least in the past i did
useful stuff when i was sleep walking...like once, i folded
all the laundry (hehe even the dirty stuff). several times
i turned on every single light in the house. a lot of
times, though, i wake up the next day all bruised and
scraped up. i don't even want to know what i've been
doing! hopefully i'm not like, roaming around half naked
outside, or some crazy shit like that. i dunno.

i spose that's it. i'll write again when i get the
chance...might not be for a few days if i go home. we'll
see. take care, everyone.