The Other Diary
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2002-01-30 20:34:38 (UTC)

why is it that i hate people

Why is it that no matter what happens I still have no
faith in people. I find that now I have no problem judging
someone. Basically on other opinions, looks and
maybe a first interaction. Now I don't even give people
that much. I just can't stand many people. Because I
just don't care. I'll be "polite" I'll ignore and smile as I
always have, but only a select few produce a laugh, or
even deserve it. I can't understand how people find
themselves so fascinating. NO body cares.... or maybe
its just me.
Even some of these people I consider friends at school
- school - now thats a joke. I don't consider anyone
much here to be my friend. maybe thats wrong but I
don't think I will associate with them after all this crap
ends. I can't imagine bluh. I'm so tired - of people
talking about each other and myself being a part of it
merely by association. Its so frstrating to have such little
faith in people. Humans are the most back stabbing
creatues. I'm pretty sure if I could start over as a
different specicies I would have been a more content
cat or snake or bird or something. ANything really, i
can't imagine anything being as fake and meaningless
as this life.
Yet still, the main reason I even bother to interact as it
were, is because I am occasionally surprised. And they
almost - almost make up for the lack of the others.
Almost. I'm tired of think ing about this now. I'm tired of
thinking about everything. I just want to space out and
not worry about anything anymore. Worry, shit I don't
wanna have that emotion ever again!

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