a freak with a heart
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2002-01-30 20:16:16 (UTC)

A New Beginning

Dear Diary,

the last 2 days have been really hard on me. my
grandfather who i loved very much passed away. yesterday i
had to go down to my grandmothers to spend the day wit hher
cause we didn't want to leave her alone jsut after her
husband died. so my whole family went down there for the
day. today, i get hte day off to myself, to just relax and
think about what has happened. Tomorrow, i have to go back
down to my grandmothers at 3 and then im spending the night
at my other grandparents becasue the the next day (friday)i
have ot get up at 5 to get ready for the veiwing and the
funarl cause we have to met at my grandmothers at 7. so all
day friday i will be with ppl i haven't seen for years for
5-6 hours! and if this isn't enough for me to think
aobut...i took off school all week until things started to
settel down again well cause you know what happened lasdt
time i went ot school and he was in the hospital! so im not
going to school all week. and guess what this week was the
week that we got our new classes for second semester. so i
missed all of the first week of school with new classes.
and if thats not enough i have a lot of personal things
that im dealing with at the same time. i can't wait for
this week to be over. but you know what...im not going to
get stressed out over this. i finally started putting my
life back together and im not going to let it get out of
control again. i can handle this! i can handle his death
and i can handle school. i will be ok. im not going to let
myself get stuck in a depression agian. i'll keep you up to


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