Excess Mental Energy
2002-01-30 20:04:48 (UTC)

sick of it all

Blah. This is just an off day. Normally if i have a late
mock trial practice I just stay at school and work and do
other stuff until it starts.... but today I was done with
classes at noon and I just did not feel like doing anything
ever again... so i came home, and now i'm online doing
nothing except reading away messages. I wanted to see if I
could make a CD of songs that have been stuck in my brain
of late, but I can't kick my fear of getting my internet
service killed for illegal downloads... Damn, you know, it
isn't like I even have a decent recorder anymore to tape
songs. (I put it in the back of the hall closet because I
never used it after I got the burnere and I don't even want
to go in there and dig it out and then sit in front of the
speakers for hours waiting for some of them.... not that it
wouldn't be fun, but I have no patience.) Then my Kazaa
flipped and shut down on me... I'm so addicted, i'm trying
it anyway, lol......

For some unexplained reason I've gained like 10 pounds in
the last four days or so... at least that's what I feel
like. All of my clothes are too tight and I feel weird in
everything. I don't understand... my eating habits have not
changed or anything, and i've been doing tons of running
around, so why am I suddenly fat? Then again, I ate nothing
but fast food for a week over break (Beth, i can hear you
disapproving, but it wasn't on purpose... it was like a
disastrous bunch of coincidences) and i was the skinniest
I've been in months at the end of the week. It just does
not make a damn bit of sense. Oh well, I'll live... off my
hump, which is where my waist used to be...

See ya later