The Fallen and Damned
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2002-01-30 18:17:18 (UTC)

amusing otrocities

the plight of timmys teddy-and other spur of the moment
literary otrocities:

once there was a girl named maggie.
she was only a head .
she had hair, but she cut it off.
they gave her spidery things to walk on
and everybody laughed at her
the end.

once there was a boy named ted.
ted thought that everybody liked him.
he had a lot of friends.
but no one really liked him because he smelled bad.
when ted found out he got very angery.
he pretended that he didnt know.
then in the middle of the night
he crept into their rooms and scraped their noses off with a
cheese grater.
he stil doesnt have ay friends.
the end

Once there was a girl named becky.
she was very small and cute.
in fact she was a little too cute.
no one could help cooing and huging her.
becky thought this was all very fun.
then one day she was cuddled to death by a tall strange
looking boy.
poor becky.
they buried her in a pink coffin with a teddy bear.
the teddy bear was still alive.
but no one could here him screming.
poor teddy.
the tall strange boy was named timmy.
it was timmy's teddy.
poor timmy.
the end