DayDream Believer
2002-01-30 17:26:38 (UTC)


Have you ever noticed that sometimes life sucks so badly
and there is just nothing you can do about it?

Well, today is one of those day - at least for me.
Dante (my ex, hate him) is now an oprerator intha chat room
that me and S* hang in toughether. Thought we never talk
there, but private, I hate the thought that Dante is there,
and he have more power than me there.

That son of a bitch hassn`t even called me to say hi, Im
sorry that I diddt show up on Satturday!!
If he really love me as much as everybody say`s, why is he
stil doing this to me?
Well, I dont care. This is just one of those days whan
everything goes wrong. I was supose to go swimming in the
pool today, but then I missed it because of some education
And thats a nother thing, I thougt I finaly got a clue of
where I want to study and what my future looks like, but
there everyone just made me even more comfused than I
allready was. I feelt so stupid when they started to talk
to me in univerity language. And I diddnt wanna say hey Im
stupid, could you place explain everything you told me
about the last half hour in my baby language?

Well, Im off to the buss now, Im probobly gonna miss it
cause thats just hoe STUPID I am.
And guess what, the first thing I looked for there was
about Stian`s school, why, why, why?
Im NOT gonna go there, NO NO NO!!!!
I cant go there, he would know that Im just there bacsue of
him. (but maybe he want me to) but still, living thare is
not my dream, really, I wanna go to Nwe York.

Comfused Angel