Sleeping with the lights on
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2002-01-30 15:15:19 (UTC)

time I got back to the good life

My girls a liar, but I'll stand beside her, she's all I got
and I don't want wanna be alone. --Weezer

No, I'm not a lesbian, but it's kind of hard not to sound
like one when I listen to bands like Weezer who always sing
about girls. Then I sing them too, but fuck you I'm not a
lesbian. I'm not really alive today. I really feel like
shit. I don't know why. I thought Jeffo's email would cheer
me up but it really didn't, it just made me miss him more.
God, I hate school. And I am not going to be homeschooled
next year because I don't like to be home either. It is
raining like a bitch today, and I'm so fucking hungry.
Although I eat alot more than I used to! :)
I started jogging 2 days ago and I'm really paying for that.
I'm terribly out of shape, and that doesn't help. but I ran
a full mile yesterday and I'm proud of myself, even if
nobody else is. Lol. Oh well..
I am just miserable today. I really can't wait to go
home..mmmm getting out of school early.


I think the funniest saying I've ever heard about life was,
"Life's like a dick. When it gets hard..FUCK IT!" lol

Oh that is pretty slutty for me to say, but if you
want to think I'm a slut..then..go ahead.
You might want to think I'm a crackhead e-tard...too ! ya
know if you believe that I'm a lesbian, you might as well
believe all the other shit i say. *MEH!!!*