stella's steamy paperback novel
2002-01-30 14:46:03 (UTC)

bout friggin time

so my exams are finally over!

i had a nice day yesterday, i went to java with rosie, and
we were there for soooo long. my we are such losers. then
the phone rang there, and i was like whoa... that never
happens! then the guys came over and was like "you stella?"
and i was like ".. yes" and it was shewy baby!! he came
downtown and we hung out there for another long while then
went back to rosie's and hung out on the couch for a very
long time.

now reading over that paragraph, i'm thinking.. well to
most people that would sound boring and annoying. but to
me, i wouldn't have wanted to spend it any other way.
hanging out with your two favourite people and just
cuddling on a couch and watching t.v,and the best thing of
all is that i can us doing it again and not getting bored
for a while. well me at least

now i'm off.. this entry sucked.. but i want to see if
shewy wrote yet... loved his letters this morning :)


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