My Life
2002-01-30 14:06:19 (UTC)

Met Chris

I met Chris last night for dinner. I had my yoga class until
6 pm, came home and got ready, curled my hair, took a bath,
called Chris, he called back, we said we'd meet at 7:30. I
got really nervous when I pulled into the parking lot,
super-duper butterflies when I got out of the car. It was
cold and icy and I kept saying, please don't fall.....please
don't fall. I knew it was him when I saw him, he stood up
and smiled at me and I knew it would be fine. My nervousness
went right away. He has a nice smile and a twinkle in his
eye. He was clean-cut and dressed casual but nice. When he
stood up, he said, hi Michele, and then he hugged me and it
was just wonderful. So we got sat down at a booth and it was
just so nice, it was comfortable, he was sweet and polite,
and we just talked and laughed, we never once had an
umcomofortable moment of silence, it was fun! He told me
almost right away how pretty he thought I was, asked if he
looked like his picture, said I did too, commented again
that he thought I was pretty, that he was happy. I feel
wonderful! And toward the end of the night he asked if he
could see me again...I said "i'd like that", and he seemed
happy and asked when. He knew I have a very busy week until
atleast Sunday night. So we decided to get together Sunday
night, we're going to go to the movies. Don't know which
one, but we'll talk I'm sure during the week. And I can't
wait to see him again. So he walked me to my car, i said
thank you and it was nice to meet him and he hugged me
again. He's just a sweetie!

I had an email from him, he emailed me when he got home and
he said he had a good night, was really happy to meet me and
was looking forward to Sunday! I always think it's nice if
the guy says something after you meet.

I was thinking about this but i know he's a little
self-conscious because he's balding, but he's clean cut and
I found him very attractive, and I think that has more to do
with his personality and that twinkle I see, and i know he's
trying to lose weight and he knows I am too, but I really
found him attractive and i got the feeling he did too. I
came home and wrote in my women's journal about him because
I felt like meeting him was a really special event. We'll
see what is in store for us.

This of course could cause real problems for Terry and I, he
again called while I was gone, I talked to him when I got
home and he was curious, but as always, didn't ask, just
probed a little to see if i'd tell him. I'm taking him to
see Jeff Foxworthy tomorrow for his birthday on Friday and
on Friday his family invited me for his birthday dinner and
Sat. I'm suppose to spend time with him too but I'm getting
a little bored with him, and I think it's mainly because he
won't really talk to me, and he won't discuss his feelings
and I feel like I need someone more communicative. Or at
least, it'd be nice to know how he feels about me.

I'm going to have a good day today. How is that for positive