Sarah Michelle

Sarah Michelle
2001-04-22 15:45:19 (UTC)

I hate making up a topic!

Okay so it's been a long time but I have been so busy with
Wes and school and all sorts of crap! My parent's have been
married for umm..I think 17 years now. How the heck could
they do that? I mean have they ever been about ready to
crawl out of their skins and kill one another? Wes and I
have been going out for 7 months today. I can't believe I
have lasted that long with someone. I mean I actually like
this guy. Is there something wrong with me?! Wes and I have
actually talked about being married to one another and
having kids and what we would name them (we can never
decide on one name..he likes Jean Marie or Paige and I like
Mackenzie or Kylie) and we talk about the of the stupidest
stuff that i would NEVER talk about with my family or even
some of my best friends! But anyways...I g/g...I'll write
more later but my dad wants me to help him make a flower
bed at the end of our house so...Later!