Do I get my lap dance now?
2002-01-30 10:27:41 (UTC)

They're living in a lie.

"Would it matter if the bullet went through my head and it
was my blood spilling on the kitchen floor. If it was my
blood, Mommy, would you care a little more?"

Isn't that just a morbid line? It's from a Monkees song,
believe it or not, and it's in my head tonight. Download
it! It's called Mommy and Daddy.

So anyway, I just got back from the Gob concert April took
me to. Hooray, it was fun, and I got to talk to Theo and
Tom from that band, and Tom is just the shit-monkey of all
times. He drew a picture of himself doing the "daddy long-
arms" dance on my t-shirt. Sweet ass. I saw Theo first,
and I didn't know Tom was nearby, so when I went to get
Theo's autograph, I asked him if he'd draw a picture of Tom
doing the long arm dance, and he wouldn't. What a bitch.
Fuck you, Theo. He drew a picture of himself so I wouln't
ever forget what he looked like. I was like, "fuck that, I
wanted a different picture," but he was bing a bitch and
ignoring me, so I left. Then I found Tom a few seconds
later, and he's so fucking awesome. Some kid was trying to
buy his shirt or his shoes or his pants or *anything*, and
Tom wouldn't sell him anything, so he finally gave him his
water bottle instead. Then, after that kid left, he turned
to our mob and said "I've been trying to get rid of that
bottle forever. I was so tired of holding it." And we
laughed because he was a celebrity. Yay, I'm so pumped
because he drew that picture. My shirt is better than
everybody else's.

And Sum 41 was at that concert, too, because they're really
famous and the headliners of the tour, and their set was
pretty awesome. Of course it was, because they can afford
all the special effects. I love Cone. He's such a fucking
zoo. He was all over the stage the entire time. He'd just
walk around and bug Steve and spin in circles. Cone Cone

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