Realizations of a 24yr old convict
2002-01-30 09:24:24 (UTC)

Ok heres the ranting and raving..

Ok heres the ranting and raving you havent caught as of
late. Got the W2 today and you know that shit pissed me off.
Why the fuck did I pay a grip of my cash to a medicare tax.
What the fuck is that!!!!! If I go skate tomarro and break
my leg. Im straight to the bank to break an account to pey
$2500 if not more to get it fixed. Why the fuck what the
Ok and social security Rob peter to pay paul bullshit
Socailistic shit, take my cash I could have another car for
what I paid in social security tax.
Ok and heres the deal my homegirl who Knows I dont belive
in any of the shit shes about. Pays 250 a month for a fat
2bedroom town house. she didnt pay anything until about two
months ago.Section eight. Now she made 800 dollars last
year got pragnet. Kicked it at the pad watching the baby
story on cable with 100 more chanles then we got.
And now she gets $4000 in a tax rebate. Thats fuckng sick.
OK and yes I hate the media but I was thinking not really
Id do the same shit I cant blame them.If the masses wernt
just eating all that crap up then theyd be outta work.
So Ill no longer put it off on the media Ill put it off on
the masses.