Realizations of a 24yr old convict
2002-01-30 08:46:38 (UTC)

Whats up darling, I was going..

Whats up darling,
I was going to or actully started a letter to you but
thought Ill just run some drag in here and youll know whats
up with me.
Schools good still getting forty hours a week at work but
its cool to just show up when ever and then just cut out
when I want. Dont ask me why I do it though. Mabe just so
when people start crying about how hard life is. I wont
have to feel it I wont have to have empathy for them I can
just be like oh there weak and its there fault. and never
think about it again. When they start winning about how
rough it is. and Im running twice as much stuff in my life
I dont gotta here it. Does that make sense
Living out here is a trip cause theres no one to discuss
the things I learn with. Its back to the knowledge makes
you feel segregated thing.Listening to SNFU havent heard it
in a long time.Havent been working out latley a few days
and I hella like being skinny but only when Im working out.
Cause then your like straigh cut up and feel hella storng.
Cause you can life more then anyone your size and no one
sees it comming. But when Im not working out I feel sluggish
or frail or what have you!!! Havent met anyone that rad in
any of my classes but I get to see the people I know
wondering around and that makes the days good.
HEATHER makes th days good.
What else have alotta thoughts drifting around but to big
to break down.
Oh yeah gotta be selfish gotta look out for your self at
all cost gotta do whats right for you and your head.
And somtimes Im cold mabe thats it, I havent been being
cold enuff.Gotta be cut throught gotta be the samauri
cause I gotta be able to look out for the ones I love
Fuck everyone elses drag. And somtimes fuck theirs drag too.
Gotta handle whats mine and what I gotta do.
Anyways Im out
love and respect