UCLA Bear Chasing
2002-01-30 08:02:52 (UTC)

interrupt request

Tuesday, January 29 2002. 11:43PM.

Playlist: Tori Amos - "Mary"
Toto - "Africa"
Golden Girls TV Theme Song
UCLA Chorus - "Hanerot Halalu"
Legião Urbana - "Quatro Estações"

So I guess this is the same day as earlier this morning's
entry. A strange thought :0)

A satisfying day today! I managed to go to class, have
coffee with Steven (hot bear guy), eat both lunch and
dinner with Roy, go to the gap with him, and go to the GALA
meeting. Social, salubrious surprises sprinkled hither and

No new perversions, no new news on the old ones. Just
inquisitors spouting claims of sweetness, and emails
explaining the errors of the illogical to the affected.

I'm not to sure where I'm really going. I worry about my
major and my life and my job decisions. Sometimes I wish
there were just some huge bearadise to which I could just
run away and forget it all.

Though I guess the sweet is nothing without the bitter.
Where's Pedro Almódobar to help me explain? :)

I guess I have little else to say. Normal nonsense. . .

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