~*~*~*~Are you afraid of the truth~*~*~*
2002-01-30 07:54:15 (UTC)

1 thing led to another...guy on here

Hey whats up? Okay tonight has been okay...for just chillin
on el computero. n e way. I spoke to some1 tonight that I
ue to be like hook up buddies with. It all started 3 years
ago at my bestfriend (old) Britneys house. I met her
brother I was like damn he's hot but he was being an assto
me the whole night. So the next day at school brit was like
Yo Bek my brother thinks you're hot I was like WTF? He was
suchan assto me. Any way that weekend I went to her house
and she left me in her room with him for like 2 hours. So
he was like staight up let me kiss u. just want one kis
b.c I want to know what u kiss like i was like "uh NO!" so
the next day I went over and we ended up kissing. I
certainly enjoyed it. So the following weekend I went over
there yet again. Everone was sleeping and the lights were
off in his room. I wa laying on his bed with him just
talking and then westarted kissing one thin led to another.
It got heated up but we knew our limits. As we were kissing
I remember him slowly moving his hands down my body.
running hisfingershrough my hair ad kissing on myneck. It
felt great. He slowelyook off my shirt and his hands led
themselves down my pants. soon th pants were off. He
fingered me and I returned the favor. To my suprise this
became a weekly thing every weeend when i'd ome over it
would happen. It ws amazing in te pool. It was heated with
a waterfall. abouta ont goes by and he wants head I was
like nope. He beg for months. A little over a year later I
did it. And I enjoyed it. Only with him though. He tol me I
was wonderful and I must say he was grea! i wont lie he was
2nd best = ). the first was a guy in gardens...uh that was
amazing. any way. we'd take turns. After that happened of
course came i didn't have sex with himbut he tried
many times. We continued hooking up. ne day I opened up to
im and told him that have alwas like him..Like i wanted to
be with him ...b/f and g/f type of thing. He said heflt the
same. that night some 1 stole my med. (xanax 4 anxiety). So
I couldn't see him any more. tonight we were talking I
wonder what will happen between us nw. Will we continue
being just good hook up or will it bloom unto more..I have
no clue. any way. thats about it on him.

I spoke to that guy on here that I said was in love with
himself he desn't seem bad at all...I feel like such an
idiot..i couldn't even work ICP..hey that shyts cofusing
any way. He seemed cool. well I'm out i g2 wake up in like
2 hors.