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2002-01-30 07:23:29 (UTC)

love and lust

You know, I was thinking. Love and Lust. Wow. Two very
powerful forces that could seem the same on the outside,
but are so different on the inside. So what is stronger,
the passion of lust, or the power of love? So many times,
love can be lust in disguise, and it may not even be
noticed until the end. I thought I had loved my ex-
boyfriend, but now I realize that all I ever had for him
was lust. So what are the differences of them? I think
lust may be something on the outside, mostly fueled by
physical attraction. It fluctuates a lot and seems so much
like love, that it is often mistaken for it. Love is
something deep, something crazy. It's so strong and can
heal so many others. Love is unconditional-and that's
where most people are stuck on the question on whether the
love their boy/girlfriend. I get confused about it all the
time! Love never ends, never gets interrupted. Love is
such a powerful think, do you really LOVE your
man/woman? Is it infatuation or is it the real thing?

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