One fucked up Life

my mind is fucked
2001-04-22 14:27:59 (UTC)

Still High

Hello Hello.....well, today i'm running low on weed....and
i got NO MONEY!!!! AHHHH, well, my friend Mike should be
over in a little while, and he's got weed, so it's
cool.....But My friend danielle is coming over i havent
hung out with her in like months....she has a boyfriend
that she dedicates all her time too.....kinda pisses me
off....but oh well....shes coming and thats cool. This
prozac shit is really working i think.....the world doesnt
seem so fuckin horrible anymore....I'm living and i'm
loving the way i'm fuck it...:O) I'm gonna
have the bombest summa.....send feedback