Things to keep secret
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2001-04-22 13:49:47 (UTC)

Sorry bout' yesterday!!!

Yesterday I was kind of wierd I was outside with hubby and
him trying to fix my car, my powersteering pump has gone
pat-tew-ey, so we were outside from 730 AM til about 330.
Well I am still happy, although we missed out on going out
to the park with kids and cookin out, we still had fun, we
went to a buffet, and it a chinese american japenese great
food if I do say so my self. Well hubby went back to
PepBoys to get this tool to put my new pump and pulley back
on, my car has a very compact space under the hood, I know
alot about cars being with my hubby, I helped us change
both of our oils yesterday and I helped him before bleed
his brakes, found out his car was contaminated because they
put alot of stuff in his master cylinder. Well I want to
surf the web I am gong now should be back later, again
sorry about yesterday, I am kind of waiting for someone to
give advice about the situations that I have gone threw in
the past, and you all will be happy to know that I told my
hubby about Darrell and him trying to go up my shirt and
stuff, and how I am not friends with Jenn because she was
trying to get me and hubby apart so I would be with Darrell
and that is not what I wanted, I love my hubby and it hurt
lying to him since all of his problems were out in the
open, you know I used to screw around with Darrell but it
was not worth my marriage, I fought to hard to do this. TY,
hope to hear from someone soon to give me some input, heard
PEaches gives good insight on things, anyone help me...

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