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2002-01-30 05:55:05 (UTC)

Day 8 ( Week ago today )

I am just to darn tired to be making entries in my journal
at night. Again,i have committed myself to do this while my
husband(Mike)is gone. I was already in bed settle in about
to doze off when i jumped up out of bed, sign on the pc to
begin to write in my journal which is now, 11:35p.m.
We are under a ice/snow storm warning most of the Kansas
City, Mo. viewing area. The freezing ice started in shortly
after 2p.m. and continues as i dictate this. At about
8:45p.m. a list of school closings was already being posted
for schools closed tomorrow, (Wednesday) My son, Michael
who will be 13 in March and in the 7th grade, his school is
closed. Needless to say, he was happy about that but still
went to bed his usual time. The freezing ice will keep
falling, changing to heavy snow starting Wednesday
afternoon. It could be possible that schools will be closed
Thursday. I am hoping to do some sled riding with the boys
in the next few days. We found a nice hill thats not to
steep and long to climb for Colton. My other son who is 5.
He loves to sled ride!
A week ago today, last Tuesday we drop Mike off at The
National Guard Unit in Kansas. His unit got deployed on active duty
to Germany for 6 months.I try not to think of it as, 6 months is a
long time, what are the boys and i going to do, 6 months a bummer,
what a drag, ect. ect. ect. Rather i am trying to take it one day at
a time and keep busy. To be honest from last Tuesday to this Tuesday
it went by kind of fast now that i stop and look at it. I am keeping
busy as the boys as well. The boys are doing well again one day at a
My neighbors both Oscar and Pat know that Mike is gone so they both
helping me out when i need it and just making sure me and the boys
are doing okay.A older couple, old enough to be my parents, nice
I stayed home today. I had to make a few important phone calls to
check on things for Mike.I thought about starting laundry today but
that thought went as fast as it came. Tomorrow i will do it, the
roads will be bad so i will be staying off the roads. I just sit home
and do laundry all day........i have at least 4 or 5 loads. Michael
be home from school. I just put him to work! TE HE
I gave both the cat and puppy a bath this evening. We have a cat
name, Butterscotch he is about 6 months old. The puppy is 10 weeks
old her name is Sammie Girl. She is a Toy Fox terrier. I sat with
both animals on my lap next to the fireplace that was going. The
animals enjoy laying near the fireplace to when i have wood burning.
Mike called us this afternoon to tell me he loves me and wanted to
know about the bank card that i checked into today. He went to Silina
for a physcial. It helps that he calls us and the boys are able to
talk to him. Thank God we are able to communicate at least that way
while he is gone 6 months.
I think about what goes through Mike's mind while he is away from us.
I know he is scared to death about getting on the airplane. Due to
all the 911 stuff that happened. I know that bothers him a great
deal. It would me to! Being apart like this espcially when a family
with kids is envolved it is stressful! I can promise to my husband
that i and the boys will be here where he left us when he gets back
with a mile long open wide arms! I love and miss you very much dear.