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2002-01-30 01:44:38 (UTC)

Remember who minds to me - real war starts

After months I have known Mel and Carol I thought. I need
to remember who really minds to me. She and she and no more
people of outside streets of my home town. Rest of people
does not mind about me. So who minds to me.
False are most for them even some nearly people. Because
they are so confuse to be a friend. They are looking for
surface feelings and joys.
I will take my time to live with my truly friends.
May I never could reply them by days months passed making
company to me. Even I was not a heart people. Now I have
a heart.
Only true heart and love can trust friends.
Tomorrow my victory beside my friends.
My home town deserves better heros and love stories.
Harmfull stories broken hearts it is not the heaven.
Enemies are lost in their own misery.
Mel and Carol that thaught me never be a loser.