i hope i die!!!

Life aint worth livin
2001-04-22 13:02:43 (UTC)

My day so far ...

today i have so far done ... nothing. i have concluded that
i DO NOT need 2 eat, i will just get fat(ter) but i cant
say that 2 ne1 coz theyll go mad @ me :S
ok got up @ about 9 (WOW) and had a bowl of cereal & a bit
of toast and some tea then felt like sickin it all bak up
again. then lay in bed watchin hollyoaks & as if, then had
2 get dressed & take the dog a walk :S wearin my old
joggies and my cool new hoodie :) so u cant see my figure
(ie how fat i am!!!) then came back & had a bit of cool
choccie and thought about db some. and cried some :(. then
had a bowl of tomato soup & a caramel ... eeeew. right now
its 2 pm and im VERY BORED. im gonna go fone lynne soon.
well thats my day so fat ... i mean far.
luv jen