This is the beloved air I breathe
2002-01-30 04:22:28 (UTC)

the mission statement for my life

I am a Sunflower. I take shape and allow myself to conform
to the likeness of my breed.
But I have freedom. I am more free than a wild horse who
gallops through the unending lush grass in fields on a
I lift my face to the sky. Growing, stretching out to
Heaven and reaching to grasp the truth of who I am. As I
desire to reach, I am pulled; drawn by the sunlight and
Sunbeams from Heaven shoot down and the rays grab my hand
and lift me towards their home. The sky breathes
nourishment for me. It provides the rain that penetrates
into the tip of my roots, my foundation. I am growing from
where the tiny little seedling was planted to my master –
from the roots up. I see other of mine and many other
kinds surrounding me. The majesty of the older ones
overwhelms me. So tall, they shout to the world “I am a
Sunflower!” They are so in touch with their master. He
guides them as they sense the rhythm of their calling,
beginning deep in the roots, and flowing up through them.
They flourish with life.
I see the little ones. Their heads slowly unearth the soil
surrounding them and for the first time they feel the
warmth of the sunbeams. They understand their purpose as
they kiss the air and breathe it in. They draw their
identity from the soil which they came and from the older
ones guiding their growth. They wonder whey the rain comes
and how it makes them grow. They wonder what the feeling
is when they are caressed by the hand of beauty from their
master. The sunbeams blow kisses gently to their closed
eyes gazing at the Heaven in wonder. They simply know the
answer as it echoes through their leaves.
As we grow we begin to look more and more like sunflowers.
In displaying the inherent qualities of our make up,
qualities naturally contained in our cells, we gorify the
one who planted us. We are confined to being Sunflowers,
but we’re free. There is freedom in allowing ourselves to
function in our purposed way. What if I tried to be a
daisy? The older Sunflowers would laugh at my youth. I’d
be miserable deep inside, I’d be going against every
inherent property of a sunflower and longings in my soul
would be left unfulfilled. How would there be freedom
there? I’d be unhappy in my confinement and wish to break
free from that which I am.
I’ll let the Daisy do her job and do it well. I will
flourish in mine. Nature will take it’s course. We serve
the same master. The sun feeds her, the fain gives her
water, but she and I are not the same. We serve two
different functions, and mine is to grow into the sunflower
I was created to be. I will not fight against my destiny.

I have been blessed
I have life, and I have life abundantly
I take pleasure in the menial everyday
There is joy in the simplistic duty of my life
My needs are met, and my longings are fulfilled
The sun is always there, the rain always comes
And I will flourish