Reality Bites
2002-01-30 03:55:47 (UTC)

Dont feel good

I feel really sick, but I have to go to school cause I have
an important class tomarrow which SUCKS! I feel like
absolute shit...I'm gonna go pick out a cute outfit for least it'll get my mind off of how shitty I
feel...I'm getting over Jesse which is a plus...lets see
what else..Oh I think I'm getting a burner cause I want to
make CD's and I'm cheap...and they're like $120, which when
you think about it is 12 cd's that I would end up buying
from now til June and with a burner I can get that and more
and I will have more cd's and yes, I've justafied this to
myself can you tell? I have $100, I'm gonna see if I can
get Alyss to kick down 20 and I'll make her a bunch of
cd's. Im going to sleep over her house Sat. we're gonna
make eachothers punishment outfits for loosing the bet we
had since we're'll be loads! gtg...Lator