2002-01-30 03:44:24 (UTC)

Come as you are, as you WERE, as i WANT you to be...

yeah.. im watching this dumb movie... work sucked..
so my dad had a stroke again.. he hasnt been taking his
blood pressure medicine and since hes been smoking and
eating shit and being an idiot, he had a stroke and he may
go blind... i started crying on the way home, like so
suddenly, im so stressed, and matt was really great..
that was cool cus you know, hes not always so great..
drownings got to be the worst way to die... claudias
funny.. shes lie are you guna be okay and im like yeah im
great and shes like can you just stop being so damn cynical
for a second im concerned about you... thats cute... yeah
im a little concerned about me too.. ive got to do some
homework and get to bed.. im so fucking tired all the