Realizations of a 24yr old convict
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2001-04-22 09:39:52 (UTC)

thoughts and theorys

ase he understands and This is me a million thoughs and
theorys this is who I am what I belive how I see things as
Ive wondered I spoken with so many people read what so many
others have written
Ive spoken to wise men and except what theyve said to be my
own and spoken to wiser men and not belived a word they
said chose not to live their way not to hold there words
close to my heart and i spoken to fools and found answers
to life, answers to questions Id contemplated many nights.
where is this headed everyday things happen and i make
choices and yet I sleep good everynight and smile when i
look in the mirrior I feel right with myself. I make all
these dicesions based on all the theorys and beliefs Ive
come to hold to be mine.I questioned everything I saw and
spend many a sleepless night wondering about questions I
had or answered Id been giving.Mainly how they made me feel
when you hear somthing some answers dont seem compleate.
you can only see half the moon cause the earths in the way.
I think theres a couple kinda people out there 1 those that
wouldnt even ask or care even though they see it everyday2
2those that would ask and when they got that answer thed
just except that answer and pass it on if someone asked them
with no real though as to why thats the answer.3 the person
who goes alright thats the answer but how does that work
they proceed to find out about the position of the sun to
the moon and how the earth intersects the path.then other
questions would arise like how the shadow of the earth
makes the first half sliver one way and the second slivers
the other way yet its still the same half of the earth with
the same curve so now they gotta find out about light
reflecting off spheres.anyways when its all said and done
the third person has a serious grasp of whats happening and
when somone questions the answer he has no doubt cuase he
understands and belives and holds it to be truth.

anyways as time passes you come across alotta things
thoughts theorys beliefs and you kinda sort through them
all hold on to some and disregaurd others and thats who you

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