Thoughts in the Confused
2001-04-22 09:12:49 (UTC)


Well, it seems that I might be making most of my entires at
about this time of night. Saturday was saturday. Did not
do to much. Went to see Crockadile Dundee with my uncle and
the movie sucked. But i kind of thought it would. There
were not many people there. and I poured my soda all over
the cair when I was leaving. I should of saw Fredy got

I guess I have no life since I never have anythign to wrote
in here.

I did not really do much today. GOt up at about 1
at lunch at Burger King and did nothing. What fun. Then i
ate carry out from Red Lobster. And i have been on this
computer ever since. I am downloading Anime. Some good
stuff, but for some reason my dl speeds have dropped big
time. and that blows.

I talked to andy and he said he did not talk to mike. I
think I am going to call him tomorrow and set up a meeting

I was going to call Josh tongith and ask if he wanted to
hang out but I ended up not doign it. I do not know why I
do not like asking him over a lot. I just do not know why,
I like the guy but there is soemthing about him. Maybe I am
jsut crazy.

WEll, it is 4:07 am and my borther is still not hiome. and
I am burning up. It feels like it is 80 some degrees. ugh
i hate heat and humidity.

Compusa had the Toshiba laptop that i liked in the
advertisment this week. IT is a good laptop but it does not
have a svga screen, but I am nto sure how important that is
to me. I guess not really that important. i guess I am
just weird. but what is new.

i need a relationship of some kind. I need new best friend
or something. I need someone to hang out with. I do not
like being alone all day and i do not know what it is. i do
not like to got out a ton wither, I just want to hang
around and i would be happy.

I miss just hanging out with Jim.

I guess I am a loser.
talk to you later.