can't fight the moonlight...
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2002-01-30 03:01:58 (UTC)

semi and stuff

the semi was fun--i dunno, nobody else seemed to really
enjoy it, but i had fun! well, its not my fault if sarah is
boring and didn't dance, or if nikkis foot hurt (actually,
i feel bad about that) it was mostly me rin michelle and
oneal dancing, which was fun. sardou showed! such a good
person. so danced w/ him too! :) and perrie...what the fuck
was i thinking? actually, i didn't care, i don't mind the
kid, but it was annoying having everybody else snicker
about it. get a life.
getting over a cold. i'm actually not that bad, just tired
and stuffy. thankfully. my annual cough didn't come this
year (knocking REALLY hard on wood) Thank goodness, because
that thing is horrible. but it always comes around
Christmas so i should be good.
steph pals is dropping sculpture. whoo! i honestly just
can't deal with her anymore. i was talking w/ rachel
techeira like all period today. we'll never be friends, or
not good ones, but i really like her. just a very cool
person. plus i can have a normal conversation without steph
jumping down my throat with what she thinks she knows about
me. (ie religion, which i'm just not even going to get into
right now)
half day tomorrow-yayness. going over sardous, but may
abstain from any kissiness, because i have a feeling thats
what got me sick last time. but who knows come tomorrow--
maybe just because its ten at night and i'm feeling tired.
speaking of-should go to bed!

mood music: right kind of wrong, leann rimes