Souls Of Zen

The Temple Of Lost Souls
2002-01-30 02:54:14 (UTC)

God Bless Unemployment & George W. Bush

Today was a good day to reflect on how I wasted nearly
four years of my semi-cool life. Now it wouldn't be fair
to completely rag this fucked up internet slash phone sex
company that finally laid off an entire New York office at
the worst possible time. However you will learn they
weren't the best folks to work for, but some days were
simply crazy. So now that it's really over do I spill my
oversized guts to some old slugs at the corner bar or do I
share it with you guys here at

Let's just say the shitsnaked company in which I was
employed at broke every fucking rule from here to Hong
Kong and back. If you were one of the 'liked' click you
could of killed the President and no one would even dare
to bring it up. So you can only imagine the stories your
about to read in the up-coming weeks.

They range from purely sexual to absolutely stupid people
i've worked along side. Just to prepare yourself for
everything listed in this online diary 100% true. Why
would I sit and waste my fucking time writing about a
bunch of losers if it weren't. Now I have to protect these
stupid maggots and never use real names or the actual
company name because these broke-assed losers will sue me
for the backwash in my beer of they could.

So sit back and enjoy the ride I sure did for nearly four