nothin left to say
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2002-01-30 02:51:43 (UTC)


"love: (n.) A feeling of strong attachment induced by that
which delights or commands admiration." its somethin we
all will desire at 1 point in our life or another. u
cannot find love, it finds u. 4 some, it will be the
person of their dreams who sweeps them off their feet. 4
others it will bloom out of friendship. & 4 others it will
be serendipitous. we cannot predict who, what, when, or
where we will fall in love. we arent even guaranteed we
will ever fall in love. but we are guarenteed 2 have
opportunities 2 find love in this lifetime. it just
depends on if u will catch these opportunities b4 they
pass. patience is the main virtue in the quest 4 love. but
patience w/the ability 2 recognize is a blessing. dont let
an opportunity slip by. the perfect person u r seekin may
be right in front of u, hiding under masks that protect
him/her from getting hurt, dont miss your chance.

umm i was just randomly goin thru stuff on my computer and
i found that, and i dont remember writing it, but i liked
it so its here. later