I cannot believe this is my life.
2002-01-30 02:45:53 (UTC)


New semester. Blah.
1. Humanities
2. Human Bio
3. US History
4. Math
5. Ins. Media
6. English
7. Gym
8. Great Books

Gym sucks. We run for 20 minutes, and then play basketball
or some other dumb sport that makes everyone realize how
tall I am.
My english teacher is a dumbfuck. She put the wrong scores
in. So one of the 20 point assignments is worth 220. So we
all got D's rather that A's. My GPA turned out to be 3.12

Classes are easy.

Heh. My mom found out about Ivy, shes my new guinea pig,
and she blew a gasket. How I have to pay for the feed. Big