Nya The Rogue

The Journal of Now
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2002-01-30 02:08:09 (UTC)

The Day of Many Tests

The title says it all.We had millions of tests
today.Actually only three.More like two.Wait a second.We
only had one!In the beginning of the day we were looking
forward to(sarcasm oviously) to three tests.Two in Social
Studies.A D.O.G quiz(Daily Oral Geography and a medieval
vocab quiz.The teacher posponded the vocab quiz till
tomorrow.We then took the D.O.G quiz.Then everyone told the
teacher that we never learned half the quiz, so he made it
so it didnt count.Thank god! cause I would of gotten a
50.Then in english class we had a long test.Im sure that I
did good on that one.
In social Studies we've been doing a cool activity.We're
making the class into a feudal system like in medieval
times.We have a king, knight, peasant,everything.Im a
monk.*sigh*Thats the compleat opposite of me.At least Im
real high in rank.All of my friends are peasants.They plan
on poisoning the kings food(not really*freeze*well I hope
Haha!Oliver Twist finally showed some spunk!He beat up
some kid who was bad mouthin his mother.Served him right!
But then he was put in the cellar.This is my favorite
part.I cant really remember all of it.Just a small part.The
officer who broght Oliver to that house came over to talk
to him.


Oliver:Let me out!

Mr.Bumble:Do you know this voice?


Mr.Bumble:Do you fear this voice?Do you tremble?


Haha!The whole time I was saying "Go Oliver!Go
Oliver!".When I asked Mr.Snyder(teacher) if I could use
that book for a book report he was suprised.Its a thick
book with little print.He wondered if I'd finish it by the
due date.I'll probably finish by then.
One Playstation game I have is called Chrono
awesomest awesome coolest of the coolest dude powered game!
My favorite character in it is Kid.Shes a tough thief and
she kicks butt!For Christmas my dad got me this thing
called Gameshark where you can punch codes into games and
can have some special abilities.I was seriously getting
stuck on some Bosses in the game so I put a code in so my
characters had 999 hp.Believe me thats alot!It would take a
long time to kill one of my guys then!Now Im unstoppable!
Mwahahahaha!.....*cough*...ok,moving along.Well, with the
codes I got pretty far in the game within two days.
I dont really know of much else to say.So I'll end this
entry here...