Drama Queen
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2002-01-30 02:02:30 (UTC)


Well I am BORD!! no seriously! I got on here at about
3:30 and havent left since! I have been waiting for Goober
(my fiancee) to sign on...I supose he is busy. I know how
that goes, I have been busy before, things dont have to
revolve around me, its his life not mine and I cant tell
him how to live it!
Anyways, I am selling singing Valentines for chior, I am
not to sure that I am a good sales person tough. Oh well I
am not going to sell stuff when I grow up I am going to
teach so I supose that it doesnt really matter!
So NO ONE came to school today, I was all alone and as
nice as it was to sit back and not have to babysit all of
the others it kinda sucked cause I am so use to it that I
missed it. I guess my grandma was right when she use to
tell me that "no matter how much you hate something once
it is gone you will miss it" I dont nessacarraly like the
noise that my friends bring but it is something that I
have grown use to, granted the friends have not always
been the same but the same general things have always
happened. Boyfriends, fights, arguments... its all the
same no matter where you go. OH well! I am gonna talk!

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