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2002-01-30 01:29:45 (UTC)

Were to Start.....

Hey it is me again. Let see were should I start??? I got
it. SO everyone knows I am still in love with the best girl
in the world which is Shelly Anna Owens and If I have
anything to say about it, it will be Shelly Anna Monta in
about Two Years. Shelly when you read this I love you baby.
But our relationship is getting harder and harder to have.
See I really like her family but her family doesn't like
me. Cuz of the whole having sex thing and now the whole
thing about me calling her mom a bitch. I do think I was
wrong for that but she pissed me off talking about Shelly
the way she does and the way she treats her. But yes I was
wrong to call her that. But if I knew that it would make it
where I can't she the one person I love more then anything
in the whole world then I would have never said anything
bad at all. See if anybody reads my entries then you know
about the whole sex thing and what had happened with it.
And her mom is still pissed about it. If i would have known
this would have happend from it I would have never done it.
But i don't regret it one bit. Cuz i do love her and i do
want to be with her the rest of my life. I can't see myself
with anyone else. Yes i look at other girls (Sorry Shelly)
and i know that she will look at other guys but if one of
those girls that I look at would ever come up to me and
say "Hey lets have sex no one will know." or "Hey can i
have your number?" I would say no to both of them cuz I do
love her. I smoked a cig. yesturday and I didn't have to
tell Shelly about it, but I would have felt really bad.
Plus I am honest with her. I have never been as honest
with anyone as much as I am with her. Yesturday a lot of
bad stuff happened. Shelly's dad yelled at her and said I
was not aloud near there house. That she can only drive the
car to work and school, and That he was tired of the way
she treats her mom like a slave. I know that the last part
is not true because, I have been there when her mom is not
there and seen Shelly clean the house for her mom and try
to help her mom out. But that seems not to matter to him or
her mom. He tired to blame there marrage problmes on her.
Also he said that if she wanted to leave that she could but
she had to leave her house keys, car keys, and I.D. And
that is wrong. Not to add but he also said that he wouldn't
help her out with collage. His little girl the one he says
he loves but you could have fooled me. I mean I know he
most likely does love her but you don't show that you love
someone that way. I tell her everyday that I love her. I
brought her a rose yesturday just to show her that I did
love her. But i ended up spending all of 1st period in the
gidence office. Because she was so upset about what
happpend. And I don't blame her. SHe we talked to a person
in there about what was going on and it really didn't help.
And i really didn't think it would. But hey it was worth a
shot. See he told her that if she sould leave that she
needs to go to a friends house and not mine which kind of
pissed me off cuz i would perfer her to some her instead of
soemone elses house. But if she would perfer to go to
someone elses house then she should go there. But i know
that she would perfer to come to my house. Also last night
Shelly worte her mom a note telling her sorry for
everything that has happened in the past month in a half.
But me and her don't think that it really help but I am
proud of her to do that. And it makes me happy that she
did. But I hope that it did help. Well Shelly I know that
you are reading this so I will slao add that I love you
with al my heart and no matter what happens I will always
be by your side and no were else. ANd i love you with all
my heart and more. I love you baby. And to everyone that
reads this I hope that you can understand what is going on.
ANd thanks for reading.

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