Forgotten Misery
2002-01-30 01:24:11 (UTC)


Well guys not much new here same thing andrea is still
being a book worm. Got the alg done got the speech done
gota practice it though its on me myself and I lol hm what
else got the chemistry done got spanish homework done and
is now studying for vocab test / plural tense/acabo terms ..
Acabo de perder mi brain lol........................
Well its back to the books night hugs and kisses to all and
hey peoples check your mail boxes cause i sent letters out
today to peoples maybe u will be the lucky winner of a
letter lol no i just though i would werite letters change
of pace yos plus its more personal cause u know it is and
its like getting a present when u get mail u know cause
come on who gets mail everday ??????
Big hugs Big kisses

oh yeah i made some new friends and im going to the mall with
them on friday joy no man for me yet no man up here at
olentangy ever for me damnit i like my boys in indiana yo! but hey
dont worries peoples i love u and u guys will still always be my best