out of reach
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2002-01-30 01:19:06 (UTC)

there are things that used to make me smile

there was no yearbook meeting today as i had expected. so
instead i went shopping by myself to replace what got
stolen from my car and pick up a few other things to make
me feel good. i actually came to the conclusion that i
really have to start watching what i eat and exercising.
its not easy because when i'm not happy i eat like crazy
because i just give up on everything. i'll turn myself
around. or so i hope.

we started our abnormal psych class today. i think i'm
really going to enjoy it. its going to be a bit more work
than psych 101 but its ok. i'll deal.

i've learned that i'm only completely comfortable and
secure when i'm by myself. walking around the mall today,
i appreciated being alone. i appreciate driving alone
too. there are no awkward silences when ur by yourself.
and the music is always just what you want to hear.

i wanted to submit some of my poetry to the literary
magazine. its due soon and i don't have anything typed up
or on disk though. actually my computer is broken and i'm
not so sure if i can save it on a disk but we'll see.
maybe i just won't submit anything. its not that good

i talked to my grandpa today. he's a cool guy. i'm a
fan. he makes me happy. i think he's the only grandparent
that makes me happy. my nanny stresses me out. she's too
easily confused. hm, oh well.

well, i can't see the carpet in my room so i think that
that's a sign that i should clean. they say that putting
things back in order can help you feel as if you're putting
your life back in order. so maybe it will make me feel
good too.