Tainted in shackles

Unintentional/iInTeNtiOnal DaMagE
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2002-01-30 01:08:53 (UTC)

Scarlet Love~my fantasy

I got this lil fantasy type dream that i just gotta tell
some one okay imagine wit me for a second.
how it starts is i'm at home and this boy i know calls to
say that he wants to pick me up.
im like cool shit where u wanna go its nothing to do here
(we got together one of those 2 yr type of relationships
he's like im on my way. then we say good bye. when he gets
to my house looking sexy ass hell with his medium brown
skin, 6 pack, chest, this guy got every thing that i would
ever want in a boyfriend especially intellegence. Im in a
black speghetti strap dress and sling-back heels.. he's
like wears ya swim suit im like why i need one we going to
the beach. He says not quite but go get it just in case i
go get it and when i come back we leave he blind folds my
eyes we drive for a while he tells me to sit still i trust
him with my heart mind and body just like he does me . i
hear the door close then the truck open then close its
quiet for a few minutes then i hear him return the smell of
Candies for Men invades my nose as if it was a welcomed
guest as he opens my door reaches on my side and unbuckles
me he then scoops me out his car with my purse on my lap.
(as you can tell he's strong )he walks for a short while
then unlocks a door and he lays me on what feels like
feathers he takes off the blindfold and watched my
expression as i looked around the room there were roses and
irises all over the place he knows that those are my
favorite flowers the room was beautiful there is a juccuzi
a king sized bed and there are flower petals in the juccuzi
and bathtub. i kissed him softly on his lips which makes
him want more but he promises to him self to behave for
now. i look on the dressor and there is a victoria secret
bag he tells me to put it on i open the bag and there is a
blue slip in it. it so pretty i get undressed and put it on
right there. He likes to see me in as much skin as possible
so the slip isnt long at all he tells me that he wants me
now than he ever did before im feeling it too. he pulls me
to him on the bed and turns on the tv im in his arms
watching the tv with him. i feel so safe with him he is
gental as he stokes my shoulder slowly i turn and kiss him
and get back in my same position with my body against his
and his arms around me allowing him to stroke my skin and
slide up the slip a bit. he takes my hair out of the
ponytail bun that it is in and then runs his fingers
through it then lets it lay on my shoulders and against his
chest my hair is soft and it intices him so i let him play
with it he's the only one i let play in my hair. he's in
his swim trunks and i can feel his warmth as he kisses my
neck and then my shoulders its dark out side now and the
candles are the only lights that are lighting up the room.
our shadows move looking like snakes on the wall i moan as
he lifts me from the bed with my legz tight around him to
the wall then to the juccuzi, for some reason i'm addicted
to this guy like he is to me, and it shows from the sweat
on our bodies.He slides my wet slip over my head which
clings to my body as he slowly pulls it off. he lifts my
arms up and rubs from my hands down my arms them down my
bust then my back to my waist as he puts me on top i grip
his back making my marks. It lasts for what seems like