mental illness, yes it is real..

isn't life grand ??
2002-01-30 00:50:23 (UTC)

wedding ring is on order.....

today i ordered my wedding ring. I love Lisa !! - it feels
soo good to be in love... I have never felt this way
before. I cant believe that this is happening . I never
thought that i would ever get married again, and now I got
all the rings on order. Lisa and I are growing closer every
day, and I hope that this feeling never ever ends. I am so
glad that i found her , (ty aol) she is definately the only
woman for me. she is totally the most wonderful thing in my
life besides my kids . Now, are we gonna get married in
feb, or over summer ??????? that is the real question now.
both car & van are goin in for lof tomorrow. van also
needs to get brakes checked, they are squeeking a lilbit, i
dont think it is a problem, but better to be safe than
sorry. i got my massachusetts license today, now i am
almost from mass. lol... only thing left to do is get car
regestered in mass. that will be happening sometime in
february.i guess that is about it for now, just want the
world to know that bein in love feels GREAT !!!!!!


love feels warm and fuzzy, makes your head all buzzy,
without it you feel blue, without it ,what do you do ?
Lisa , I am glad you are in my life , and someday soon you
will be my wife !! Lisa , I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!