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2002-01-30 00:44:09 (UTC)

At Home

John brought six gallon buckets of gravel to the country
house and got his truck out of the mud. He's tired and
doesn't have much to do so we've agreed to go to Albany
this aftenroon to do a bit of grocery shopping and run some
stray errands.

I'm still working on the pieced star blocks and have three
more to do. Then there are three large applique blocks
followed by the borders, including one appliqued with vines,
leaves and flowers. It's going faster than I'd expected.
The trick, of course, is actually completing the top.

I've bid on several tops on Ebay and won a Grandmother's
Flower Garden made in the 1930s. I have bids on a couple of
star quilts and a triangle doll quilt but I won't know if
I've won those until later this week. It's not like I don't
have enough tops to quilt but I just fell in love with these
particular ones.

I saw a bald eagle in the cottonwoods along the driveway of
the country house this morning.