All About Me
2002-01-30 00:38:32 (UTC)


I think im dying... withdrawl sucks dude!... oh well, im
getting better today is eight days! go me go me! ahh!
actually this is torture, i keep burning up and i swear im
having heartattacks like everyother hour, and then ill get
really cold and i shake! im like eww...jeff's really proud
of me though, so i guess im proud that ive gone that
far... it was really hott 2day... and i met this really
cute guy.. i was like ow ow! but 2bad im taken right? 2bad
i cheat so bad...
If i found a guy i really liked im not sure i would cheat
as bad, but oh well. Its not like i could ever really see
myself getting married. And i defintly not having kids,
we all know that would be a mistake, since im so self
centered and what not huh? oh well...
So danny yelled at me 4 using those dots -- ...

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