Me and More
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2002-01-30 00:28:33 (UTC)

Another day with out answers, just worries.

Dear Diary-

Well, I found out more stuff today on my test results.
Everything came back normal execpt for my thyriod. They
want me to come in tomorrow and have more blood drawn for
more tests. Also they are going to have me have another CT
scan of my pelvic. They wouldn't tell me exactly why. It's
got me worried. I just wish they could find out want is
wrong. It's starting to scar me.

My knee is throbing. I also have tohave an MRI done on my
right knee also. Oh, boy. So much fun!!! I'm just so tired
of being sick. Sick, sick, sick. They should just give me
my own hospital room and leave me to die. I don't think I
am ever going to get better. Things always seem to get
worse with my health. Things on my dad's side, things on my
mom's side, and now new stuff with me. When is it going to
end? Pills, surgery, tests, pills, surgery, tests. Geeze.

The past few days I have done a lot of crying cuase I am
so worried and just stressed. I'm glad I have Michelle (Hi
Michelle) there to help me with this. And my wonderful
sister. They both give me the strength to keep going. God
gives me hope and has given my wonderful people in my life.
I just wish it could be easier sometimes.

Well, I am going to end it here. I hope all of you guys
out there have a nice night or day. :-) God bless yall!