Whenever * Whatever
2002-01-29 23:43:57 (UTC)

Shady Life

Hi here. I just thought I would jump online &
update my diary. Good idea, huh?

Well, I predicted that I would get on here last night to
rant & rave, but to my surprise I didn't. I left work at
9:30 instead of 11pm. That really made me happy. I came
home & made a list of everything I needed to do today.

I cleaned out my closet, dresser & desk. I now have all new
office supplies for my bills & stuff. *Lol* My files were
getting really messy, but they're all tidy now. I guess
that's my way of fixing things. If my life always has to be
a mess then at least my room doesn't.

Back to my room. I am sick of just having a room. I will be
so happy to get my own apartment when I turn 18. You just
don't know. That's just a year & a few weeks away. Until
then I guess I am just going to save money & deal with
being confined to my room, my job & my car.

Nothing much else is new. I am going to go call Ronnie in
about an hour. Amanda is also expecting a ring. Duty calls!