Angela Nicole

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2002-01-29 23:28:57 (UTC)

Guys can be so mean

My day just started out shitty to begin with.. I forgot my
homework at my house, I woke up late, just little stuff
like that was really getting on my nerves.. In geometery
there was this guy sitting by me that was just ANNOYING THE
HELL OUT OF ME!.. Then during break I hear one of my
friends talk to another one of my friends about something
some guy I have seen like twice in my life was saying about
me.. She was saying this guy said I was a big girl and BLAH
BLAH.. LIKE DUH!!! Its obvious im a big girl.. Why the fuck
do guys need to bring it up? and WHY THE FUCK DO THEY CARE?
I wasn't trying to get with him .. Like the only thing I
said to him was Hi because saturday night we went camping
with them.. that's all I said the whole night to him. It
just hurts I mean I just don't see how that is funny. Girls
stress enough about their weight as is.. We dont need
PRICKS helping us stress about it more.. and the thing that
gets me the most is he wasnt skinny! Anyways Im gonna go
Matt is online.. Take care