a brat
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2002-01-29 23:27:28 (UTC)


i feel a lot better than i used to. i am currently seeing
suart if anyone at all i love him more than i have anyone
george has gone far away to "never again land" just like
cliff and a bunch of other losers.
i dont know why i have dated half the people that i have. i
think it's because i always wanted to be with a person and
didnt realize that i just needed to be left alone from the
very begining. if i had done that maybe i wouldnnt be in
the state that i am in right now. maybe i would be doing
more with my life like i plan to in the near future.
i dont mind having someone but it is not a necessity like
it used to be.
jen has that problem she can't stand to be alone. well i
can and i believe that i am better off that way anyway.
i cant just be with a person to be with them.
my two best friends are married and they seem happy but i
dont think that it will last very long for amy because i do
not trust rodney because he will not give them opportunity
to know him and the fact that i've heard that he has beat
some girlfriends that he's had in the past and because he
seems so destructive. there is something that bothers me
that i do not like about him that i can not yet pinpoint. i
feel that he is too controlling and i fear what he might do
to my best friend if he ever lost control.
he is a man hoe who thinks that marrying someone will calm
his nerves.
i think that she's going to be in trouble one day and not
know what to do about it and that she will be frightened
and try to denye something that he will do to her and that
she loves him and that is all that matters. i know she
would do it. she is weak when it com,es to love and trying
not to get hurt by men. i know she is. when she has trouble
she runs away from it instead of facing the truth.
i also know that she thinks that she isn't right with men
that in the middle shje realizes that she loves them but is
not in love wirth them.. that could be trouble. the one
person who said she did not want a relationship just got
married. whats wrong with her. i bet that things are not
going to be as fairytale like as she sees them now, at
least not a year from now.

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