Mysterious Attitude
2002-01-29 23:26:42 (UTC)

Tuesday Jan. 29,2002

*Time: 5:24pm
*Wearing: blue dickie pants and red T-shirt (school uniform)
*Jewelry: tha usual
*Hair: down with sumkind of hair piece thingy holdin my
bands back
*Listenin to : The Greatest Hits of 2Pac
*Later On: Write Amanda back & do my homework
*Eating/Drinkin: nutting/bout to get sum pop
*Song of the day : Juliet-LMNT
*Weather: Its cold and raining
*Talking to : no one I have my away message on
*Mood: ALL
*Money Count: 60 cents lol
*Thinking: Eh... my lip hurts,my tummy hurts,my head hurts,
and I feel like I gotta puke :(

Whoa ... its been a while since I have wrote hasn't
it...I've just been to lazy to write I guess ... so this
entry is going to be sorta long cuz I wanna cover
everything!!! So let me get started... I won't be goin in
order cuz I can't remember it all... so as I remember it I
will write it :):)


Amanda-Well, she has been grounded off tha computer for a
while now, over her grades at school :( She is supposed to
be grounded for 3 months... so I gave her my address and
she gave me hers. We've been writing each other like 2
times a week and stuff. She just told me that the person I
thought she was all this time isn't her... :( So yeah she
lied to me bout how she looked... she sent me sum pictures
of the real her ... and she is like soooooo beautiful!!! She
said that she is ugly and fat and all this stuff but she
isn't!!! I'm glad she told me the truth after all this time
tho :)

Krissy- Damn I dunno what's up with her... ::Shrugs:: I
told her that I was pissed off at her for what she did..
See she was mad at me cuz in my AOL profile it said I was
single ... so she told her sister to IM me and tell me that
she was mad...and her sister ended up saying "ohh your the
gurl my sister goes with...out of all the pretty gurls out
here she has to pick u"... It pissed me off sooooo much and
also hurt me ... so all I told her was"yeah I am.. and yeah
i know it freaks me out to." Well, anyway she told me that Krissy
was mad at me cuz she thought I was cheating on her...well I wrote to
Krissy explaining that I wasn't ... even tho I am... lol anywho I let
Krissy talk to Carl tha other day and I ended up gettin pissed at him
all over again!!! grr... and I haven't talked to Krissy since then..
and her profile now says she is single.... so eh I dunno and don't

Erica-Well, me and Erica are becoming closer friends. She has been
coming over to my house a lot more lately and stuff so it's really
cool :) One problem tho... my mom don't really like her now ova the
Alexander thing!!! :( Who cares tho... my mom don't like anyone!

Andria- Eh.... I'm freaking pissed off at Andria 2... she has been
acting like such a bitch to me ... cuz I wanted to get a hold of my
ex Jack cuz I miss him sooooo much, well tha numbers I have are
disconnected now ... so I asked her if she could give me his number
cuzI know she has it ... and she was like why? So I told her why and
she was like well I can't help u out there... I was like mmm lol u
don't have the number? She was like yeah I do but I'm not going to
look for it right now!! So I asked her if she ever found it would she
let me
know ... and she said "if I remember" So I got pissed and signed
off AOL ... so I dunno she has been acting really shady to me lately
its makin me soooooooooooooooooooooooo mad!!!!! Well,... I told my
mom what she has been doing and she don't want Andria to come over
here anymore... which suits me fine!!

Sharia- We've been hanging out a lil bit ... but not that much lol
Also Look under "Truth Or Dare"

Connie- Connie has been callin me a lot lately ... and we've been
talking... lol that's bout all I have to say


Truth or Dare Anyone??

Well, a while ago Erica and Sharia came over to my house ... cuz me
and Sharia had to work on sum homework and Erica was going to help
us. We got so bored that we decided to call a phone chat line. then
we got bored of that and played truth or dare. I'm not sure if I
wrote bout this but ohh well I will again!! lol To make a long story
short ... most of our dares were dirty ... and one of our neighbors
caught me and Sharia running up tha stairs after we knocked on his
door and took off running ... he was pissed off ... but I think I
played it off pretty good lol


Alexander-No not tha Alex I kissed another one! I met this one
online also.. and started to talk to him on tha phone a lil bit ...
well anyway. He ended up likin Erica when all of us talked on tha
phone 3-way... I got sorta jealous but then I was like ohh well I
don't like him anyway ... but it caused a lot of chaos ... and as
soon as he told me he liked her more then me. I ended up cutting
myself and crying cuz I was like "damn there goes another friendship
a guy" ... but me and Erica's friendship is going strong. Me and Alex
have got into a lot of fights also ... and my gram over heard one of
them and she got really pissed off. cuz she heard me I didn't
believe in God and all this other stuff... a few days the same
overheard chat caused a lot of TROUBLE!! I'll tell u bout that later
on...but anyway back to him likin Erica... I don't think he does
anymore cuz as soon as I told Erica what he said ... she was like omg
no.... lol and won't talk to him ... so eh I dunno I'm bout to stop
talkin to him ... its just better that way!

Bobby(tha one in NC)- Well ... me and him have been fighting a lot
lately...then we got back to normal ... and now were like fighting
again... I wrote him a letter after bout 4 months.. telling him why I
was mad and askin him if he still wanted to be with me ... he just
got it the other day ago.. so he hasn't wrote me back ... but anyway
said that he wanted to be with me ... but he said sumthing tha other
day that pissed me off ... and now he won't answer me when I IM
him ... its like he is toooo busy for me! I'm really thinking bout
breakin up with him.. that way he won't have to worry bout me
anymore... u know
what I mean? Anyway enough bout him grrrrr... lets move on

Bobby(tha one I kissed)- Hehe I bet u never thought u would see his
name in my diary again ... well I didn't think so either but I guess
we were both wrong lol... like out of no where tha other day he Ims
me and starts talkin to me... I called him when we both signed
off ... we talked for a lil bit and I found out that he is still
basically stalking me lol.. but its all good!! Anyway.. after we hung
up he told me he would call me tha next day ... so I was like aight
cool.. and we hung up ... well, Erica was ova the next day and I
wanted her to meet him ... so I tried to call him at 6pm but he
wasn't home... so I kept gettin online tryin to see if I could get a
hold of him ... well at 8:30 like right before Erica had to leave he
was online...so I was talkin to him as Erica was walkin out tha
door... I asked him if he was going to call me and he was like "i
dunno yet" I was like fine then don't call me ... cuz if u wanted to
talk to me u would know if
u were going to call ... he was like fine then and we didn't say
another word to each other ... so yeah another person I'm mad at
lol.. my list keeps growing bigger and bigger!!

Louie- Omg I can't believe it...he is single again!! I was supposed
to met him tha other day but my lazy ass didn't get up on time... so
I didn't get to :( Man I really want to be with him... at least I
think I want to be... I just gotta see what happens...

John- I talked to him last night.. and he is still my baby boo!! He
finally gave me his phone number.... hehe bout time huh!! It only
took him...what.. almost a year to give it to me but he did!! I'm
going to call him ASAP!!! I can't wait to hear his voice!!

Carl- Eh.. we haven't been talkin much... I just got his phone number
again...cuz when I got mad I deleted it.. besides I'm still mad at
him so I dunno what's up between me and him... lol we're barely

Ryan- Well, Ryan wants to go out with me still ... but I keep tellin
him no that I don't want to be in a relationship ... he isn't hearin
me tho... eh... sumbody please help me out!!! lol

Josh- Still won't talk to me :(

Jack-Man I really miss him ... even after all the stuff he did to
me... I miss him more then anyone I have ever missed before ... the
problem is... I can't seem to find out where he is now :(

Joe-Joe just got out of jail bout a week ago ... but he is currently
under house arrest ... he has to call the police station or sumthing
everytime he goes out of the house ... and if they call there and he
ain't home ... he has to go back to jail ... so yeah it must suck to
be him!!! Eh.. he seems to be acting differently around me... and I
dunno why yet :(

Justin-Well ... he's been acting really cold to me lately ... and
it's killing me from inside... I just wish I knew what it is that is
making him feel that way towards me :(

Alex(tha one I kissed)-I called him tha other day.. but he wasn't
home and never called me back :(

Phoenix-Another boy I met online ... he is really sweet and as soon
as we started talking we clicked!!! He's a really good friend and I'm
glad I met him!!!


Ok... ::sighs:: how can I put this ... on Sunday my gram and uncle
told my mom bout me and Alex and like what he said to me and
stuff ... well my mom flipped and came into my room yelling at me
over it... So I snapped ... after all this time I snapped again!! I
was crying and like shaking and stuff... I called Erica while still
crying and stuff ... and she was tryin to make me feel better...
Anyway I ended up callin Renee to come and get me ... cuz I was bout
to runaway... I jumped into the shower ... packed my backpack full of
sum clothes and other things I needed ... and told my mom I was going
for a walk... Renee picked me up ... and basically no one knew where
I was until gram called Renee's... I had to tell her where I was
before she called the cops. Jr and gram tried to come and get me so I
would go home and go to school on Monday ... but I didn't want to...
I was pissed at them anyway cuz they were tha one's who started the
chaos... I ended up staying the night at Renee's and missed school
the next day... My mom picked me up on Tuesday and she don't really
trust me anymore :( She also is makin me go to counseling again :( So
this sucks monkey balls!!!!

My Aunt Renee- She is a real life saver sometimes!!! I'm happy I have
her has an aunt... she is the only person who can really understand
me... and she has helped me thru a lot of stuff lately!! I luv her
sooooooooo much!!!!


Its a new semester ... so new classes and stuff ... school went ok
today I guess ... it could've been better tho... but eh what can I do
lol...I should be gettin my report card soon.... so let's see how I'm
doing this time!!! lol


Well... I think that's bout all... I can't think of anything else to
write ... so I guess I shall go...if I think of anything else I will
be sure to write it l8er.. I think I'm bout to do a thoughts page ...
but eh I dunno yet ... well anyway buh bye 4 now!!!

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