the ramblings of a weenie
2001-04-22 06:22:21 (UTC)

the basic random stuff

neenerweener isn't a perverted name about someone
overly obsessed about weiners and dildos its just a name so
leave it at that. if im ever going to document this
precious (heh heh.. im just kidding about that part) life
of mine, then id better start now before i forget it all.
bad memory does that to you.
The weird thing about life is the fact that there are
so many people in this world and the fact that you'll most
likely only know about one one millionth or less of them is
weird because while your life is going on you dont really
ever take the time to realize that there are other people
int his world. and they are having problems too and for all
this to happen at one time is really weird.
Most of the time people don't pay attention to the fact
that outside of their web of acquaintences and
relationships there are other rings and so on. But hey
thats just life and not everyone knows everyone else and
its just one of those things that won't ever change. so
anyways.. lets move on.
I was talking to my friend that well call umm
BOB. .yeah i was talking to bob today and we made a list
together..basically requirements that a future boyfriend of
mine or girlfriend of his should have.. they woudl be nice.
People might think its pathetic to make a list or stupid
but its their opinion and i dont have any obligations to
change that and i personally wouldn't really care about it
because theyre most likely out of that web of mine.
besides.. if i dont know them, and they don't know me. Then
why should they start talking about stuff they dont know?
Persoanlly they should just stuff it and shut their
facehole. heh ok i think thats enough insite to this weird
yet small world of mine...tata and arivaderci.. good
sleeping to all .. its 11:22 =T