Tainted in shackles

Unintentional/iInTeNtiOnal DaMagE
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2002-01-29 23:10:57 (UTC)

2 guys 1 girl all thoughts..........................

I kind of got this problem my boy, tel is how i say
looking good. I knew him for forever and it is strange hhen
i am around him i think i like him. I really care about him
alot hes like my bestfriend. I don't think that he thinks
that i like him but i wouldnt admit if i did anyway. If it
happens thats all good but if it doesn't i dont want to
wonder what if ya know. I would hate to go up to him like
my girl went up to this guy she liked. He turned her down
in the 9th and now in the 12th, i know i wouldnt be able
to even look at him if that were to happen between me and
tel. That's why i don't want to tell him. I kind of like
the guy that my girl went up to but i liked him first and i
didnt say anything that was since the 7th grade and i still
aint said nothing. I mean i know both of them are attracted
to me but theres always a chace that they may say no...i
can't have that at all. The 2 boys are best friends. WHAT 2
my friend T said that if i weren't cute i wouldnt have this
problem but the thing withthat is im attractive, sexy,
cute, nice looking, pretty, but plan fact is just cuz i am
to 1 don't mean i am 2 someone else.