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2001-04-22 06:12:24 (UTC)

jazz is what brown sugar would sound like if it were sprinked in your ear*

he's gone now. maybe to sleep, maybe he's thinking about me
jus a bit. Paul & i just had one of those conversations that you want
to save in a box somewhere. We were always like that. up & down.
Always knowing what the other person wanted to say but not having the
courage to say it themselves. I want us to talk more, but
its impossible, because we're both characters. We are to
much alike for our own good and it creates catastrophe. i
miss him to. I shouldn't dwell though, not now, not
tonight, one hour ago i wanted to crawl up in my bed and
forget all about him in my dreams, & right now all i want
is him next to me, wrapped up with me. I'm very typical
like that. i suppose thats what makes me sensative. But at
times he's great, we all have our moments, & just that. my very own
disaster. he's my jazz, my brown sugar.

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