Realizations of a 24yr old convict
2001-04-22 06:00:02 (UTC)

Ive got about a hundred pages..

Ive got about a hundred pages on this subject
but I read about it today. Its wanting to want somthing
sounds strange I know but its not
It used to be a new quest new question Oh yeah I didnt
like the add on may who ever seeks, find. may who ever seeks
with out greatness and strength never know what it means to
posses dreams. I see people everyday who know what they
want career choices places they want to be gods they want
to please yet they dont make it they dont get there they
have to repent for their sins.
Not to be conceeded if thats the catigory this statement
falls under but "I make shit happen"
Im jelious of those people with there lifes goals and
spiritual jorneys I truly am. I dont have one at this point
*I have goals and plans but there based on the fact that i
know somday once again i shall jorney and these things im
doing now will help me when in i find that road to travel.
yes I am jelious of those people given a quest a calling a
road to walk it seem such a blessing such a weight off the
shoulders. Yet my hatered grows toward some of them as they
waste and destroy this gift bestwoed apon them
and my empathy for them when they fail and their lifes
dream is crushed my empathy becomes none.
stay positive spitfire