Fishnet Goddess

Rainbows, Ice-a-ma-cream, and Lemonade
2002-01-29 22:29:38 (UTC)

Garrett, Jessica, and Johnny

Last night Ryan and I proposed the idea of living
together to Laura and Daniel. We'd talked about it the
other night, and decided that we'd let them live with us
for just $200 or $300 a month. I would absolutely love to
live with Laura. It's different than living with Jacki and
Tony, because although Jacki was my best friend, we never
hung out really. She was always hanging out with Erin
Roberts. So living together was so much different than I
thought it would be, because Ryan and I didn't really know
them as well as we thought we did. On the other hand,
Daniel and Laura are our best friends now, and we actually
hang out with them, all the time. Daniel's over almost
every day, and has been for a couple of months now, and
Laura...well, Laura is amazing. Previous entries in this
thing are an obvious indication of the way I'd feel about
living with her. I love her to death. She cooked dinner for
us last night. It was this awesome soup. I drove her to the
store to get the ingredients, just us in Ryan's car! It was
a little scary, but I did pretty okay. Anyway, the soup was
really yummy.
Daniel had invited some of his and Laura's other
friends over while Laura and I were grocery shopping, and
at first I was a little worried about hanging out with
three new people all night. You know, fear of rejection and
all. But the night really turned out better than expected.
It was great actually. Garrett and I were already
acquaintences, and I had no idea he was the same Garrett
that Daniel and Laura were always talking about. He's a
cool guy. And I'd met Jessica and Johnny once, when I first
performed at the bookstore. But they were only there for a
couple of minutes, so I didn't really get to know them
until last night. They were both very cool people too.
Unfortunately, Jessica was drunk and forgot her bag at our
house, so we had to drop it off at Daniel's this morning. I
hope she gets it in time for school, it had a lot of
homework in it.
I flirted with Laura a lot last night. And she flirted
back. It was nice, to flirt I mean. I don't really get too
many opportunities. She's just so damn cute. Especially
when she's drunk :)